This program will allow for Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Conventional, FHA, VA, and USDA new construction for doublewide manufactured homes with a minimum 600 sq ft. The home must be less than 12 months old from manufacturers date (see HUD data plate). The home must be directly transported from the manufacturer or dealership and never previously occupied. No alterations to the structure. The towing hitch, wheels, and axles must be removed and the dwelling must assume the characteristics of site-built housing. Standard Heating & Cooling, Foundation, Subterranean Termite, and flood zone guidelines apply. Borrowers middle score requirement is a 660 minimum. Construction costs such as permits, transportation, and setup costs can be included in the loan. Land can be financed into the loan. If you already own the land, the value is determined by current appraised value and in some cases the original purchase price depending on how long you have owned the land. Max lot size is 10 acres. All homes must be converted from Chattel to Real Property.

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USDA – Rural Housing Loan

  • The USDA Rural Housing loan is a true 0% down loan program specific to eligible areas.
  • Properties located on agricultural land or on an income-producing tract are ineligible. Max income allowable is determined by County and number of people in household.


No Down Payment is required based on the Veteran’s available entitlement and total price of home, land, construction, transportation, and setup costs. The home cannot be in a less than 100 Year Floodplain. If the buyer is a licensed contractor self-help is allowed. Primary residences only.


Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac require a minimum 5% Down on a Primary Residence. Fannie Mae requires a minimum of 10% Down on Second Homes. Freddie Mac requires 15% Down minimum on Second Homes. Homes must be 12 feet wide.


Minimum down payment required depends on the status of the construction. Properties that are under construction require 10% Down unless they meet Pre-approval requirements or are covered with a HUD-accepted insured ten-year protection plan, and the meet the required documentation for Maximum Financing. If met 3.5% Down minimum is required. If the buyer is a licensed contractor self-help is allowed. Primary residences only.